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History of Govt. ShahSultanCollege: At present govt. ShahSultanCollegeis considered one of the best educational institutions in our country. This college has become a brand name in the sector of education. Thousands of students satisfy their thirst of knowledge with the help of experienced, qualified teachers. But the history of the college is full of events. Shah Sultan is one of the saints who had come to this region in order to preach religion. To memories this renowned saint of Islam, the name “Shah Sultan” is given by the local people. This college was established by the direct hope of the local people tacking/arabing the land almost four acres. The inaugural activities was due at that moment in present physics, Chemistry & Botany department. Teachers of different branches where recruited for this college on 1st July, 1968. Boyean uddin Mia, Professor & head of the dept. of Islamic history & Culture of Govt. Azizul Haque resigued his post & become the founding ... Read More